17 Ways to Make Money From Your Home this Month

June 29, 2023 - Daily Stash Editor

Top 5 Offers

  • Playback Rewards - Mobile Gamers: Earn Free Rewards in your Favorite Games
  • Coverage - Stop Overpaying on Auto Insurance
  • FreeCash.com - Complete Tasks, Get Up to $1,000 a Month with This Site
  • KashKick - Make Money Having Fun in Your Pjs! Earn Now With KashKick!
  • Product Review Jobs - Get Paid up to $500 a Month to Try Free Products

Have you ever spent hours watching YouTube videos online?  Scrolled through various websites for research purposes?  Played video games for hours on end?  Had dance party while streaming some of your favorite songs?
No judgment here.  We've all been there and done that. But… have you made money off these habits?  I bet that your answer is 'no.' My question to you is, "why not?"
If you spend your time browsing the web, streaming music, shopping online, watching videos, or playing games online, you are missing out on a great opportunity to earn cash and gift cards.
If you're not capitalizing on this opportunity to earn cash without changing anything about your routine, it's time to grab your smartphone and start downloading some of these money-making apps.  Here are some popular and completely legitimate apps that will pay you to do basic tasks.

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1. Mobile Gamers: Earn Free Rewards in your Favorite Games

Enjoy playing games but those in-app purchases you’re making are starting to add up?  Imagine getting rewarded for every purchase you make...it’s possible with Playback Rewards!

Playback Rewards is a free loyalty program that rewards you for every mobile in-game purchase you make.

You can earn extra rewards while also discovering new games on the platform. Then, when you’re ready, redeem your rewards for gift cards to some of your favorite retailers.

Register Today and Start Earning Rewards Right Away


2. Stop Overpaying on Auto Insurance

Take charge of your insurance today! Most people don’t realize they are overspending hundreds of dollars on their insurance rates yearly. It’s time to feel confident about the insurance coverage you are using.

This company, called Coverage helps you compare insurance options that fit your needs. By logging on and taking a short quiz, you can get fast, personalized results from top agencies that match your criteria.

Take a few minutes to answer a few questions to save up to hundreds a year.

Get Quotes Now


3. Complete Tasks, Get Up to $1,000 a Month with This Site

Watch an ad, download an app, answer a survey. These are the simple tasks you can complete to make you $1,000 richer every month.

We know what you’re thinking. How could this possibly work?

Big brands work with sites like FreeCash.com to get audiences to watch their content and give feedback on their brand. FreeCash.com will pay you by the minute to complete quick and easy tasks.

These quick tasks will add up fast. Cash out with PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or in crypto.

It only takes 17 minutes to cash out for the first time. FreeCash.com has paid users $6,015,965 already. It’s time to start earning.

Are you ready to make your first $1,000 on FreeCash.com?

Sign Up with FreeCash.com Today!


4. Make Money Having Fun in Your Pjs! Earn Now With KashKick!

KashKick users can make $100 or more on their first visit!
Get paid to do things that are not work! Play games like Solitaire, Board Kings, Dice Dreams and More!
Take surveys catered to you, and get paid!

1. Enter your name and email address to create your account

2. Complete your first offer to start making cash

3. Keep completing surveys and playing games on your phone or desktop

4. Get paid via PayPal and cash out with just $10!

Earn Now!

5. Get Paid up to $500 a Month to Try Free Products

The perfect side hustle should be a high paying, low commitment, simple work from home opportunity. This sounds like a tall order, but it is now easier to attain than ever before. The perfect side hustle does exist, and it only takes a few clicks to get started.

You can become a product tester and potentially earn hundreds of dollars every month. That’s right, you can get paid to get free products sent to your door

Brands are seeking consumer opinions to make their products better, and they’re paying people like you to test their stuff. Product Review Jobs is the site that hooks you up with paid opportunities from brands to try and review products in the comfort of your own home.

Register with Product Review Jobs to start getting paid opportunities and free products today. The average payment per product review is $25, get started and find out how much can you earn.

Register Today to Get Your First Free Product

6. Earn up to $60 a Year Using Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

Have you ever wondered who influences the products and brands consumers use? The answer is you.

Nielsen is the company that collects the user data that influences Netflix shows, podcasts, radio shows and more- and they’ll give you rewards for information about your internet usage.

By being part of the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel, your voice can impact the future of media and you can be rewarded for it! Earn points that you can redeem for gift cards to retailers like Amazon or Walmart simply by installing an app onto your mobile device or computer. The longer you leave the app installed on your device, the more rewards you earn.  Once you install the app, there's nothing left to do - the app works silently in the background.

The program is free and an easy way to earn gift cards.

Sign up for the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

7. Ask this Company to Pay off $10,000 or more of your Debt

It’s always difficult to get out of debt, especially on top of the other bills and inflated prices you have to cover on a monthly basis. But your debt has been made easier to handle and can be paid off much faster when you use National Debt Relief.

With zero fees to worry about until your debt is resolved, your debt of $7,500 or more can be reduced and paid off within 24 to 48 months when you allow National Debt Relief to help. National Debt Relief has relieved hundreds of thousands of customers to reduce their debt by 24% on average including fees.

With over 75,000+ 5-star ratings from top-review sites, National Debt Relief can be depended on when you’re looking to count on reducing your debt and save you $1000’s when you need it the most. In order to get started, answer a few questions to see if you qualify.

Try National Debt Relief

8. This App Pays out $1 million in Cash Back to its Users each Week

We don’t need to tell you that gas prices are skyrocketing. But did you know that you could be earning cash back for every gallon you pump?
Download Upside, a free cash-back app that partners with hundreds of retailers to provide you cash back opportunities.  From filling up your car to buying daily essentials, Upside, on average, saves users $350/year in cash back. For even more savings, don’t forget to use our code DAILYSTASH25, which gives you a $0.25 per gallon sign-up bonus on your first fillup. There is no limit to how much you can earn.
Ready to start earning? Here's how to get started:
1. Download Upside onto your mobile device.
2. Join via Facebook, Google or Email.
3. Find an offer near you and tap to claim.
4. Withdraw your earnings via bank transfer, PayPal, or gift cards.


9. Earn $50 by Reducing your Home Internet Bill to Just $30/month

Some bills are simply unavoidable, and for many of us, the internet bill falls into that category. But, going without internet is not an option, and service providers are well aware of that, which often results in overpaying. But thanks to T-Mobile’s
newest plan, you can pay as low as $30 a month! You might be skeptical, but they're so confident in their service that they let you try it out for 15 days..

Enter your phone number and address to see if you qualify today for high-speed 5G home internet for as little as $30 a month and get a free $50 prepaid MasterCard. To make switching even easier, T-Mobile will pay up to $750 in termination fees so you can leave your current provider and not worry about putting out a dime.

Sign up with T-Mobile Today


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