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Save On Your Spooky Spendings – 5 Tips to Saving Money For Halloween

by Jake

The spooky season and autumn leaves are falling into play, and while the cool breeze comes for a treat, you’re prepping for the spine-chilling celebration. But what you’re not ready for is breaking the budget to getting the right setting to make your celebratory fashion as festive as you’d like.

Sure, you’d like to deck out the front lawn and porch, while competing to have the scariest house on the block – but saving money can pay off dividends when it’s time to hand out the treats!

Here, we list a few tips to keeping the festivities going without falling into the trickery of spending way too much money for Halloween!

1. DIY Costume-Making

It’s tons of fun to show your costume off at the costume party you were invited to or even the best costume contest at the city festival, but it certainly doesn’t feel all that great spending a ton of money on making sure your costume is the “Belle of the ball!”

Get your creative juices flowing by exploring alternate options of making that prime costume you imagine!

Do-it-yourself ideas can be found, by just grabbing a few items in your own home like using a bandana and cowboy hat as a costume prop to mirror your character as a bandit cowboy or maybe even Zorro if you throw in a mask and lose the bandana.

2. DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas or Shop at the Dollar Store

Grabbing a few paper bags, some construction paper, and using a few cotton balls can help you end up creating the best spider-artsy project for any Halloween decorations and placing it up in the corner of your porch ceiling.

You can use your creativity to decorate the house with small Halloween decorations by using office supplies you can find or even rocks outside your home. Just paint some spooky faces on the rocks and you’ll find the decorations you want in no time.

No time for creating decorations? Shop at your local dollar store to find the small knick-knacks that you can decorate your house with at a minimal cost where you won’t find yourself breaking your budget.

3.  Thrift-Store Costume Shopping

Maybe you don’t have time to create your own costume, so you can shop at your local thrift stores like Goodwill or a mom-and-pop vintage thrifty. You’ll have the chance to find all sorts of vintage clothing pieces to build your ultimate costume!

Maybe you’ll get the chance to find a long, yellow dress with a blue blouse, and you’re on your way to looking more like a Disney Princess because of the red flats you have at home!

4. Leave the Candy, Make Trinkets Instead

When it’s that season to give out candy, the bulk bags you find at the grocery store can add up if you plan on handing out candy to every trick-or-treater. Instead of sharing the candy sweets for this year’s festivities, maybe creating little arts and crafts out of construction paper and glue to get in the spirit of Halloween.

It’s not a trick, but it is a treat when you can create little spiders out of black construction paper!

5. Look For Local Free Events

To get in the spirit of Halloween, cities typically create community events where you can bring your family and spend time with your neighbors to celebrate this year’s spooky day! There’s generally a live band, small amusement park rides, and maybe even a haunted maze to get through that can cost little to nothing at the local events.

Sometimes, even your local shopping plaza may throw in a “Halloween Event” to show that festive spirit and give back to the community!

Have A Monster Mash!

With all the tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be able to save yourself some money and less worry on how to prep for your Halloween celebration.

After all, this is the season for you to spend time with your family and friends creating the best Halloween costume, going to your local pumpkin patch, and having a “Monster Mash” series of fun while you go trick-or-treating!

Happy Halloween Savings!