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Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

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By: Anna Compagine Cohen


Are you overwhelmed by your jam-packed drawers and crowded bookcases? Deep down, you know it’s time to declutter, but it’s such a massive task that you keep putting it off. If the thought of streamlined shelves and airy closets isn’t enough to get you started, we have one more reason for you to declutter: cash. 

All of those items were once money. You traded money to own them. Doesn’t it make sense to get at least some money back for them? All you need is a camera (the one on your phone will do) and an internet connection, and you’ll be getting cash for your clutter in no time. 


Craigslist is probably the easiest and most popular website for local buyers and sellers. From the Craigslist website, Simply upload a few pictures and a description to your local Craigslist group. Craigslist is best used for items priced in the low to mid-ranges, including clothing, toys, furniture, home decor items and furniture. One warning about Craigslist: because buyers are local, they will want to view your items before purchasing them. If your items are small enough, try to meet somewhere public. If they have to go to your home, for example, for furniture pieces, make sure someone is home with you. Never meet a potential buyer on your own. 


Ebay is another great option for selling unwanted belongings, particularly if they are new with tags or in an unopened box. Because eBay works on a bidding system, you could find yourself making more money than expected if an item is in high demand. Do your research before you list an item to avoid underpricing. When you sell on eBay, you are responsible for shipping the item to your buyer. So any costs associated with packaging and/or shipping will come out of your wallet. Make sure you calculate that expense before setting your price. 

Consignment Shops

A consignment shop is a great option for specialty merchandise such as sporting goods, designer clothing and accessories, or furniture. These are usually items that would cost much more brand-new, so buyers often try to find a gently-used option. Some consignment shops will give you a flat fee for your item; others will give you a percentage of the sale. Decide what’s best for you, and find a shop that suits your needs. 

The Decluttr App

If you’re looking for a no-hassle way to make cash from your clutter, the Decluttr app – or website –  is the way to go. Simply download the free app and upload pictures of the items you wish to sell. They will give you estimated value, and if you agree with it, you can ship your items directly to the Decluttr warehouse. You will get paid when they receive your items. The upside? It’s much easier than trying to sell items on your own. The downside? They set the price, not you. 

Second Sale

Second Sale is a great option for minimizing your bookshelves and maximizing your wallet, paying cash for your gently used books. It’s as simple as entering the book’s ISBN and receiving an estimated price. If you agree to their price, they will send you a label to use for free shipping. All you have to do is package your books and send them off. You will receive your money 2-5 days after they have received your items. 

The Gazelle App

Gazelle is the top app/ website for getting money for your old electronics and cell phones. You tell them what you want to sell, and they offer you a set price. If you agree to the price, they will send you a prepaid mailer, so there’s no cost to you. Once they receive and inspect your money, you will get paid cash for your unwanted items, hassle-free. However, just like with the Declutter app, you have no say in the price they set. 

Happy Home, Happy Wallet

Knowing that you can make some cash by decluttering your home should be just the incentive you need to get started. Throw open that closet door, empty those bookshelves, and you’ll be filling up your wallet in no time!