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7 Cash Apps that are Easy and Quick for Every Busy Stay-at-Home Mom

by admin

By: Lauren Yagla


Are you tired of struggling to pay bills because you are too busy juggling all your responsibilities at home?

Well, say goodbye to that.  With these free apps, you can bring in some extra cash without having to leave your house, or your children.  From taking surveys to browsing the web to shopping, you can start turning those hours spent scrolling into a real side hustle.

How will you find the time?

Moms, I get it.  It is a scary thought to even consider piling more responsibilities onto your already overflowing plate.   Take this one piece of advice:  work smarter, not harder.  

Make a few subtle changes to your routine, such as:

  • Take advantage of nap time.  You’ll thank me when you are typing on a computer or using your phone without having to swat away the sticky, nosy hands of your kids.
  • Ask for help.  If you are lucky enough to have nearby family or close friends, arrange some time for them to come over and watch the kids while you work.
  • Stay up late.  Sacrifice a few hours of sleep to get some work done when your kids are all tucked in for the night.  I know it’ll hurt, but there’s always coffee.
  • Teach your kids to play independently.  Load up on mess-free coloring books, interactive toys, learning activities, and storybooks to get things done while the kids are actually awake, too. 

Using these cash-paying apps is even easier than changing a diaper.  And let’s face it, we can all do that with our eyes closed.

How can you make money?

  1. Fill out Surveys

Did you know that you could start making money by just filling out online surveys?  Yes, that’s right.  MyPoints will pay you to share your opinion by completing surveys about your favorite retailers.  You can redeem your money for gift cards, or cash out with a secure PayPal transaction.

Download MyPoints now and earn $10 instantly!

  1. Shop 

Moms spend a lot of time (and money) buying diapers, chicken nuggets, and new books and toys for our kids.  It’s time to put your shopping habits to work.  Literally.  Ibotta will give you cash back on everything from groceries to clothing to travel.  It’s time to start earning for things you already do.

Try the Ibotta app and turn shopping into work.

  1. Read Your Emails

Do you spend time scrolling through emails that seem to last for miles?  With InboxDollars, you can earn money for subscribing and reading their emails.  If you respond to the offers in your inbox, you will be entered into more earning opportunities.  Earning money for your already-established habits has never been so easy!

Join InboxDollars for a $5 bonus today!

  1. Listen to Music

When you download the Current rewards app, you will get paid to listen to your favorite songs.  Whether your toddler loves to have daily (or hourly) dance parties to “Baby Shark,” or you get to escape the chaos to work out to your favorite playlist, you can start getting paid to listen to their radio stations.

Download Current and dance your way to the bank today.

  1. Play Games

Stay-at-home moms don’t have much time to go to casinos.  They do, however, have a chance to enter contests and play casino games to get paid on Lucktastic.  Join the other one million winners to get your cash by playing some of your favorite games without having to get off the couch (unless your kid needs a snack, of course).

Feeling lucky?  Download Lucktastic today!

  1. Book Travel Arrangements

Booking a trip may be laughable to a stay-at-home mom, but we all need to get away from at some point.  When you book your next vacation arrangements, earn cash back by using Dosh.  Dosh rewards its users for booking hotels online or for dining out on your trip.

Take a trip and get paid from Dosh now. 

  1. Order Food

Are you stuck on what to cook for dinner tonight?  Placing an order for takeout doesn’t have to be so expensive.  When you use Drop, it doesn’t have to be.  Next time you place an order for delivery or take-out from popular restaurants, you can earn cash back from Drop.

Get out of the kitchen and EARN with Drop today!

These solutions give moms some well-deserved wiggle room in the budget — without job interviews, nannies, scheduling conflicts, uncomfortable professional attire, nosy coworkers, and stress.  Stay-at-home moms already have it tough enough, and these apps make earning money easy and fun.   

And I’m pretty sure no mom has ever complained about earning some extra cash in her sweatpants.

Start working smarter, not harder, and download your favorite app (or apps!) to start earning today.