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How I Made Extra Money with an Online Side Gig

by admin

By: Kim Pinnelli

The 2020 pandemic made it tough for most people. Job loss, fewer hours, and less money coming in made it hard for many people to afford their bills and/or get ahead. I had these issues too but I knew I didn’t want to let them take me down.


That’s why I started a few online side gigs to supplement the money I lost because of the pandemic. Fortunately, with everyone at home so much during this time, there were many ways to make money online that just about anyone could do.


Take Surveys



I signed up for as many survey companies as I could. It doesn’t get much easier to make side cash than answering questions about my shopping habits or personal preferences. It takes anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes to answer a survey and I get paid cash to do it.


Some sites pay in points, but once I accumulate enough points, I can convert them to a cash payment via PayPal or a gift card to the stores I shop.


Use Online Rebate Apps


Today it’s easier than ever to get paid to shop. This was my favorite way to make money online. I signed up for Ibotta, Rakuten, and GetUpSide and I earn a decent amount of cash on my regular spending every month.


Ibotta pays me for my grocery purchases, Rakuten pays me for any online shopping I do (retail shopping), and GetUpSide pays me back for my gas purchases.


Like the survey apps, I can get paid cash via PayPal or as a gift card to my favorite stores.


Start Online Gigs


Today it’s easier than ever to start an online gig. I thought about my passions and what I was good at first and then went from there.


I started with data entry and freelance writing because I knew those were two great areas for me to start. I used sites like Upwork and Fiverr to get me started because I knew their large audience would be great for me to get in front of rather than trying to do it on my own.


Supplement with Ridesharing and Food Delivery


Finally, I supplemented my income by working for Uber and Instacart. Both opportunities were easy to sign up for (online) and allow me to work when I want. I just log into the app and say ‘available’ and I can pick up any rides or grocery orders that are available in my area.


Bottom Line


It’s easier than ever today to make money online, whether solely online or by downloading an app and leveraging the gig economy with apps like Uber and Instacart.


If you’re looking for ways to make some extra money, figure out what you’re good at and/or what you love and there are likely ways to make it happen online. Whether you are a great writer, you’re crafty, or you have digital products to sell, Fiverr, Upwork, and the gig economy apps are all great resources to help you start.