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Saving for Your Travels Isn’t as Hard as it Seems

by admin

Traveling, it’s something we all miss and long to do again soon. If you’ve already planned your trips or aren’t taking ‘no’ for an answer this year, learn the top ways to save money on your travels.

Fortunately, it doesn’t involve sleeping in your car or eating one meal a day. Saving on travels can be fun, even adventurous if you let it.

Visit Jump-Off Cities

There are hundreds of jump-off locations around the world. You choose one destination, yet ‘jump off’ to another that’s nearby. If you’re traveling domestically, maybe you visit Vegas but sneak in time to explore the Grand Canyon too.

If you’re traveling internationally, maybe you visit Paris but also go to Loire Valley and Giverny for more cultural experiences on the same trip.

Take Advantage of the Sharing Economy

Airbnb and Uber aren’t the only sharing economy apps or sites out there. Check out the amazing possibilities wherever you are traveling. From accommodations to transportation and cooking, you’ll find amazing deals on the best experiences if you go the non-traditional route.

Use Airbnb, eatwith, and Uber to start, but see what other options are available at your destination.

Get a City Tourist Card

All the major cities have ‘tourist cards’ that provide discounts for the hottest tourist spots in the city. You may even score free public transportation or other freebies.

It’s a great way to get to know the city, find the hot spots to have a great meal, and discover the culture of the area you’re visiting.

Cut Down on Meals

Don’t sacrifice, but prioritize your meals. Have a quick breakfast in your hotel room and then splurge on lunch. If you eat enough in the middle of the day, you’ll be satisfied even at dinner time.

You can then take advantage of Happy Hour deals or just have quick snacks at dinner. You’ll be able to enjoy more bite-size foods – exploring more of what the area offers and save money by having only one true meal a day.

Be Flexible with your Travel Dates

Concrete travel dates leave no room for flexibility. You’re stuck with the rates on those days. But, if you’re flexible, you may find that moving your dates a day or two forward or backward, saves you hundreds of dollars.

Don’t travel on the busiest travel days, especially the weekends to save the most money.

Fly in and out of Regional Airports

They might not be as convenient as the major hubs, but you could save hundreds of dollars on your flight. Check out the regional airports and the distance it adds to your travels. If finding transportation from the airport won’t eat up your savings, be adventurous and save some dough.

Take a Road Trip

Want to be adventurous and throw all caution to the wind? Skip the airfare and jump in the car. Have a destination or don’t, driving can save you hundreds of dollars not only because you aren’t flying, but you don’t need to rent a car either.

You may even see and do more in the car since you can stop along the way to your destination.

Bottom Line

Make your travels fun while saving money. It can be fun to be adventurous and frugal. You never know what great experiences you’ll find that wouldn’t have been available if you didn’t go the frugal route.

Be open to new possibilities and doing things ‘outside of the norm’ and you’ll be able to travel