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This Frugal Cord Cutting Entertainment Life Hack Will Set Your Wallet Free

by admin

What do you need to get the things you want, like, or need? Money of course.  Do you have all the money you need? If you do congratulations, I am super happy for you however, if you are like me and you honestly could use more cash or simply want more listen up this is a great topic and thought for you to really think about.

Entertainment is highly valued to the average person. As you know there are many forms of entertainment but the lure of watching something that sucks you in on a screen is such a classic past time to unwind. Decades ago, when homes got their very first tube tv’s it used to be a family event to gather around the magical box in the evening after family dinner. These days there are more shows to choose from that your grandma could have never imagined back then.  Reality tv hello! Do not tell grandma what some of these reality shows are about she might cut the cord and that contraption.

Anyways, almost everyone has at least one or more favorite tv shows or movies, they enjoy even if it is not in the reality tv trend you do not want to tell grandma about. Some people have only a few and some have a lot depending on the value of that type of entertainment to you. But I know this to be true the cable industry alone makes hundreds of billions of dollars off viewers every year. That is money going in their pocket not yours!

Cable companies have long held us hostage to buying packages just to see the shows you want after a long hard day at school or work. You must buy an overpriced package to get the few channels you want but the rest are such a boring waste that you are forced to pay for.  Good grief! The average person is wasting on average $55 – $150 a month for the luxury to watch tv. Over the course of years that adds up thousands of dollars you will never get back!  What if there was a way to still enjoy tv without wasting all that money?

Well let me tell you there is a frugal life hack called cutting the cord movement. No kidding and no it is not grandma cutting your tv cord with the scissors it is you calling the cable company and saying bah- bye. Technology has come so far past being held hostage to those cable companies. Internet Wi-Fi opens the world of possibilities that grandma did not have back then. These days you have streaming devices such as the Amazon fire stick you can purchase to use with your tv that you can download apps such as YouTube for example that can stream your favorite channels or shows. You have smart tv’s where you do not even need a streaming device that does the same thing. You have the internet to watch shows on your computer. Heck you can even pull up a show on your computer via Wi-Fi and connect an HDMI cable from it to your tv and watch a show. You can get literally any show or movie via means of looking into free offerings on streaming apps or even some paid ones. There are some well-known ones and some great not so well known that I have found that work fantastic and yep for free! Yes, even sport games you can not find on the rabbit ears basic tv channels, you can find free. I have found every game I ever wanted since I cut the cord and got rid of cable and every show series, I have loved for free, just ask in online open forums for a live link. Hello Reddit.

Man, I am kicking myself that I did not cut the cord years ago. I did the math the other day. If I had of cut the cord from cable years ago when I first became an adult on my own guess what the total came up to? Estimated $25,000 grand with a $70 dollar bill if it has stayed that price which we all know they fee you to death and raise prices over time, but even still. Just on that figure alone it was 25 freaking grand give or take! What could you do with that much? I know exactly what I could of done with it and looking back at those years wasted on mind numbing tv I paid too much for when I had other free options to find my shows like I do now I truly want to cry. But alas, as Sheldon Copper’s Me Maw would probably say, “no use crying over spilt milk Shelly”. So, I encourage you to ponder on this best most frugal entertainment hack you could ever do. Go cut that cord!