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Buying New is Old! Ways to Buck the Trend and Get a New Financial Outlook

by admin

Look, having the brand-new shiny object has its perks. Your friends will be intrigued, you’ll probably get your fair share of compliments, and you’ll probably get a pretty good boost of self-esteem. But what if you could have something even better than all those temporary ego boosts? We’re not talking about an object you can hold in your hand; financial security and flexibility may not be as glamorous as that new car or phone, but it has far more benefits and never goes out of style. While having control of your finances may not turn heads quite the same way as the newest iPhone or new designer bag, it will benefit you for a far longer amount of time and as you get a bit older, your friends will be way more curious about your financial tips than your penchant for luxurious items. But talking about ways to be a bit thriftier is way different than taking those big concrete steps. So, let’s take a look at a few ways to ditch the norm of overspending and instead save some cash.

New Car? No Thanks

Look, a new car has its perks, but guess what? A lightly used pre-owned vehicle does, too. Besides the fact that cars lose their value as soon as their driven off the lot, a new car is far more of a luxury now than in the past. With cars made in the past twenty years having the reputation of “not being made like they used to,” that’s simply a tired old expression. The facts are that a used car has plenty of perks, and cars today have a host of benefits that will serve their second or third owner far beyond the original purchaser.

Death by Design(er clothes)

Sure, having a nice new designer handbag or shirt is a big ego booster. You’re literally wearing your spending power and showing the world that you take fashion seriously and are willing to foot the bill. But that lifestyle gets expensive quickly and unless you’re rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, you’re going to go broke real quick this way. But fashionistas rejoice! There are plenty of ways to get your hands on those designer brands and threads at a nicely discounted rate that’ll make some heads turn without making you shed a tear when you pull up your bank statement. The Devil also wears *used* Prada.

Used Phone, Who Dis?

Phone prices are going to keep going up. You hate to see it, really. It’s true, though. Phones are being built that are more powerful than ever and pricier than ever, routinely costing upwards of $1000 a pop! It’s hard to not want to latest iPhone or Android, but if you’re serious about saving cash, you need to do your research. If you’re willing to dig a little, you’ll find that a lot of these new phones are recycling features and are in many ways carbon copies of the previous years model. There’s no shame in buying a refurbished phone, and there’s many benefits to doing so. Just make sure you’re buying from a reliable source.

The Takeaway

Buying new has its perks like we acknowledged above. But besides what might be an initial moment of impressment from your peers, no one is going to care if you have the latest phone, shirt, car, or other item. The truth is that we’re all too worried about grabbing the latest gear with no thought to the cost to really care about what anyone else is doing. By practicing some self-discipline and dare we say thriftiness, you, your wallet, and your financial outlook will all be healthy and thriving far beyond the lifespan of that new iPhone.