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The Top 4 Money and Stress Saving Tips for Home and Motherhood

by admin

So, you have the dream accomplished by now of enjoying motherhood as a reality. Your baby bump is long gone but your wallet is leaking extra cash all the time for your family and home. I am here to help you relax because there are many ways to make this journey of motherhood and maintaining a home easier. One of the best ways to make it easier is to get organized in ways to save money. Why, because when you have that under control that stress is gone so you can focus more on your little sweet peas. So, let’s get started.

Tip number one stop eating out all the time. I know, I know cooking is such a hassle some days but listen to this. The average family eats out more than 2 times a week. Sadly, some eat out daily which adds up to thousands per year spent on food long gone. There are ways even if you hate cooking to save while being efficient making life less stressful and easier all while saving money. Meal plan. My easiest way to meal plan is theme each day out. For example, Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday. When you stick to the same theme for every day of the week, every week you know what is for dinner saving you hundreds in a year rather than shopping without a plan. You can have differences on your themed days to keep it interesting just keep it within the theme. Example, on Taco Tuesday you’d rather have taco salad instead of tacos this week and that is ok and still within the theme. You can have variety every day of every week while sticking to the theme, yet you are buying the basic same key ingredients each week with minor tweaking. You can get sales for your local market delivered to your email to easily see what to save on each week. You can also print your own coupons while getting paid to use them at the market through promotion sites allowing you to save and earn even more. Also, a bonus tip in the kitchen, since you know what you are having each day of the week you can spend a day meal prepping each week for the whole week resulting in only having to mix, chop, & cook one day a week! This is an amazing time saver for the busy family to help prevent you from eating out. With the money you earn and save you can use it towards buying holiday gifts for the family literally getting it free all for stopping the bad habit of always eating out.

Tip number two organize your home. Yes, you heard that right organizing your home helps to save money. How many of you have drawers, cabinets, closets full of stuff that you have no idea what is even in there. If you pull it all out and go through it, you will find things you do not need and things you do. How many times have you bought something only to realize later you already had one but because you were not organized you wasted that cash; this right here alone saves money. But I will make organizing your home even sweeter. When you sort through what you do not need, sell it. Even stuff that you find in junk drawers that you think is useless people will actually buy. Sell it on your local apps in batches grouped together to save time if you have a lot of little junk. Take a picture of them and group them together you will sell it faster earning you more for your household all while saving when organizing your home. Not to mention finding missing items and putting them to use and knowing where everything is.

Tip number three. Shop online. Yes, you heard me right, shop online. Why? Well because you will not be spending gas money, fighting traffic, and dragging the kids out. You can make yourself less stressed while saving money. You know as well as I do when you go out the kids beg for this or that and you cave in and spend, you probably also eat out yet again spending. Shopping online will save money but let me take it a step further. You can earn money or gift cards while doing your shopping online with online portals such as MyPoints getting money back when you spend. So yes, you can earn money back while buying your food, clothes, home supplies or anything you need. Also buying online actually saves you more than in the store. Most retailers offer online deals you will not find in the store saving you yet even more!

Tip number four is to decorate your home on a zero budget. You heard me right. Get creative and this part is so fun. First shop your own house and see what you can repurpose. Look for inspiration on Pinterest. Make items in your own home do other things. You can also freshen up anything and make a whole new look with simple paint. Also, you can shop free home and garden décor on your local Craigs List or Nextdoor App. If you do want to buy something you are looking for if you can not find it free buy used to save. But I have seen if you wait long enough you can get almost anything you want to decorate with for free if you know where to look.
These are my top four favorites tried and true motherhood and home saving tips. The money you will save with these four tips alone consistently will make your wallet fatter and taking more stress off your budget which makes for a happier healthier home.