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5 Must-Try Side Hustles For Couples

by Allison

With Valentine’s Day having just rolled around, you and your partner might be looking to make some extra cash after the financial damage was done. We understand, which is why we’ve put together a list of fun and attainable side hustles you and your sweetheart can do together to earn some side money and still hit your finance goals this month. From starting a YouTube Channel to Investing in stocks, here are 5 side hustles to try with your S.O.

Start a YouTube Channel

One way to make an extra stream of income with your partner is to start a joint YouTube channel. If you and your boo are creatives, into social media, and like to be in front of the camera, this might be the perfect side hustle for you. Even if you don’t have tons of subscribers, you can still make some revenue by enabling ads on your videos. That way, every time you post a video and someone watches it, you will make a couple bucks from the ad that is played before your video starts. If you do gain a lot of followers from your joint YouTube, you can even partner with brands to promote their products and get paid that way.

Start a Blog

A similar way to make some side money with your sweetie is by starting a blog together. This option is best for couples that may be a little camera shy, but still want to get in touch with their creative sides. Making money with a blog is similar to making money on YouTube in the way that ads will be your #1 source of revenue. Similarly, you can partner with brands to do paid promotions as your blog gains popularity.

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Rent Out Your Home as an AirBnb

Another way to start a side hustle with your partner is by renting out your apartment or house as an AirBnB. You can either opt to rent out a room at your place or invest in an apartment/home that will be used solely for rental purposes. If you choose a good area in a city with lots of tourists and activities, this could quickly turn into a very lucrative opportunity for you both. Another popular way people rent out their places is if they have a second home that they only stay at for a couple months out of the year; the rest of that year, it can be rented out to tourists or anyone looking for temporary housing. The only thing you need to do is check the regulations pertaining to hosting in your state of residence, and make sure you follow those guidelines and obtain any permits you may need to start renting out your home.

Invest Together

Investing with your partner can be a great idea! You can bounce ideas off each other and get different perspectives on where to put your money. Whether you’re into stocks, crypto, ETFs, real estate, or something else, working together can help you communicate better about finances. Plus, you can make a plan together and work towards your goals.Find a strategy that works for you both and stick with it. Check out Public.com to invest in and trade stocks.

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Pet Sitting

A fun and cute way to generate extra income for you and your S.O is to start a pet sitting business or sign up for a pet sitting company. If you and your bae love animals and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty (depending on the pet), this could be a great option for you. You can either start your own business and offer your services to friends, families, and neighbors, or you can sign up for companies that match you with pet owners who need pet sitters. A website that we love for pet sitting is Rover. This site helps you either find a sitter for your critter, or find a critter to be a sitter for. They also give you an option to select what kind of care you are looking for from house sitting, to dog walking, to drop in visits.

Are You Ready to Start a Side Hustle with Your Partner?

After reading this, you and your partner now have five exciting ways to start earning an extra stream of income together. From starting a YouTube channel to blogging, pet sitting, becoming renters, and investing, there is something for every couple to try. Hit your money goals like the power couple you are. Happy earning!