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Birthday Freebies You Need to Take Advantage of This Year

by Allison

Did you know that you can get free items at your favorite stores on your birthday? If you didn’t, this is our early birthday gift to you! So many restaurants and shops give out birthday freebies, and all you have to do is give them your email or download their app. This is a special way to celebrate while saving on your big day. Keep reading to see what stores you can stop at and what kind of freebie they offer.


Starbucks is known for giving their rewards members a free drink or food item of their choice on birthdays. All you have to do is download the Starbucks app, and sign up with their rewards program (which is totally free), and you’ll score a free drink or snack on your special day!


If you like cinnamon rolls, sign up for Club Cinnamon to get a free iced coffee on your birthday, plus a free order of BonBites just for signing up! There’s no better way to start your birthday freebie day than with an iced coffee and some cinnamon rolls.

Crumbl Cookies

Next up, and this might be our favorite freebie on the list, is Crumbl Cookie. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Crumbl, the cookie company that went viral on TikTok in 2021 for their massive sized cookies and fun flavors. Well, they’re offering a free cookie on your birthday if you sign up for the Crumbl Loyalty Account. All you have to do is sign up with your name and phone number, and you can indulge in one of their yummy cookies for free! If you’ve never tried Crumbl, take advantage of their birthday offer and sign up so you can see what the hype is about for yourself.

Baskin Robbins

Next up, Baskin Robbins. This classic ice cream store chain offers a free scoop of ice cream to any customer who is a part of their Birthday Club. Sign up with your email, and they will give you a free 4 oz. scoop of your choice on your special day. The coupon is distributed through the Baskin Robbins mobile app, so just show your mobile code to the cashier and claim your free scoop! Disclaimer: The freebie doesn’t apply to waffle cone varieties or toppings.


Chick-fil-a also offers a great birthday discount to members of the Chick-fil-a One program. They offer several different birthday freebies, depending on what kind of membership you have. Regular Chick-fil-A One members get a free Chocolate Chunk Cookie or Chocolate Fudge Brownie, silver members can choose from a variety of desserts, red members get a sandwich or nuggets, and Signature members get an entrée. Needless to say, Chick-fil-a will hook their members up on their birthdays!


BJ’s Brewery

Another DailyStash favorite freebie is from BJ’s Brewery. This restaurant gives out a free pizookie to anyone who signs up for their Premier Rewards Plus membership. What’s a pizookie you ask? It’s a huge cookie smothered in ice cream. Yum, right? Once you sign up, not only do you get a free pizookie for your birthday, but you also get a free one just for becoming a member! If you’ve ever tried BJ’s pizookies, you know this is a big deal because they are delicious.


Sephora also offers an amazing birthday freebie. Members of the beauty retailer’s Beauty Insiders club can enjoy a free makeup or skincare product to celebrate their big day. This is a great deal because anyone who shops at Sephora knows that products sold there are very expensive. Pamper yourself on your next birthday with a new lipstick or face mask by signing up with your email.


If you sign up for Target Circle, they’ll hook you up with a 5% off coupon for your birthday that’s good for 30 whole days. Plus, you’ll get access to sweet exclusive deals and score 1% rewards on every purchase. This is great if you’re an avid target shopper because you’ll end up racking up a lot of savings.

Kendra Scott

Finally, Kendra Scott offers an amazing deal for birthdays. Kendra Scott is a jewelry store based out of Texas that offers a range of jewelry fit for everyone’s taste. All you have to do is give a cashier your email, and show your ID for proof that it’s your birthday, and you can enjoy 50% off any fashion item (which is any jewelry that is not sterling silver or 14k gold), and 25% off any fine jewelry item (sterling silver, or 14k gold items). It’s a great deal because their jewelry is high quality, and you’re getting it at half the price!


Take advantage of all the sweet freebies from your favorite stores on your next birthday; You deserve it! Can’t wait for you all to enjoy some free birthday fun!