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Frugal Fitness: How you Can Build a Home Gym for Less than $100

by Allison

The most common New Year’s resolutions have to do with how we take care of our bodies. Come January new gym memberships are skyrocketing, fad diets are in full effect and many people set their gears toward quitting their vices for good.

Most of us feel petty ambitious when setting new goals at the beginning of the year, but we tend to look past our budgets when we set our new goals.

You shouldn’t have to choose between your finances and your health when you can do both. Gym memberships can cost a pretty penny, even when you’re working out at a discounted gym, annual membership fees and monthly payments can stack up faster than you thought.

If you want to develop a lasting workout routine that doesn’t accumulate regular expenses, a home gym might be the best bet for you. If you’re still causal with your commitment to fitness- don’t worry, your home gym does not have to cost you thousands.

Building a gym in your own home can be cheaper than just one month’s membership at a specialty gym. Skip the fees, the crowds, and the stress with a home gym, built with frugality in mind. Here is what you need to get started.

What you’ll Need

Getting started with your at home workouts can be as easy as placing an Amazon order. The basics can cost you less than $50 and a complete home gym set up can be less than $100.

Yoga Mat

If you plan the right workouts, a yoga mat can be all that you need. You don’t need an exorbitant amount of space in your home to be able to carry out some workouts that make you feel the burn. If you have the floorspace for a yoga mat, you’re all set.

You can’t really go wrong with this purchase. Yoga mats provide a little but if cushion and stability to your yoga or Pilates practice.  If you’re exercising with body weight only, you’ll likely be on your back, elbows, and knees from time to time. Get a mat that will keep you comfortable and clean throughout your workout.

You can find wide varieties of cushion and design on Amazon, here is one of our favorite yoga mats for less than $25.

Resistance Bands

If you want to develop your strength training and don’t have the room for bulky weights in your house, then resistance bands are the way to go. Resistance bands are compact silicone bands that will help you add some difficulty to body weight only exercise.

We found a pack of resistance bands on Amazon that you can’t go wrong with, here.


Weight’s don’t have to be expensive. We recommend buying them one piece at a time as you develop your training and get stronger. Start with 3-4 different sets of dumbbells or kettlebells.

But it’s no secret that weights are heavy, which makes them more expensive to ship. We recommend buying weights in person, you will have good luck finding them at discount stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls or even local thrift stores. But you can always find them at Target and Walmart.

Workout Wear

It can be easy to get caught up in fitness fashion and leisurewear. If you’re working out at home, you don’t need much. Before you buy anything new, shop from your closet and wear what you already have! This is one of the best parts about at home fitness, you don’t have to impress anyone.

Specialty Equipment

If you’re committed to the gym grind and want large equipment like treadmills or stationary bikes, more power to you! Workout equipment comes at a high price, but you can almost always find what you’re looking for from community marketplace sites like Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp.

Save thousands on fitness gear by shopping second hand, you can use the money you would have used on a gym membership for large purchases like these.

Finding Discounted Group Fitness

Sometimes, a group mentality is all you need to get motivated.

Group fitness classes like yoga, barre, kickboxing, and spin cycling have increased in popularity throughout the years. But if you’ve ever checked out the membership fee on specialty gyms, you’ll notice how inaccessible they can be to those living on a budget.

If you want to escape your home fitness routine for a few days every month, you can still do so without going over your budget.

Discount sites like Groupon and ClassPass are experts in cheap group fitness. Check out the availability in your area and get into a class on the low.

Free Fitness

A good workout doesn’t have to cost you anything. Here are some ways that you can get your sweat on at no cost at all.

Walking, Running, and Hiking 

Walking can be an excellent way to burn some calories and get some endorphins and running and hiking can be even better for you. If your area is hospitable for some. Good old fashioned foot travel- take advantage of it! Pop in your headphones and start feeling better in no time.

YouTube Workouts

If guided workouts are your thing, you can find tons of excellent one on one workout classes on YouTube. This can be a great way for you to try a new form of exercise without any strings attached.

Try Pilates with Blogilaties, or some relaxing yoga with Yoga with Adriene. You can find all kinds of guided free fitness classes online.

All you need is a little wiggle room in your home and an internet connection to start getting for free.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to lose money in order to get fit. Your financial health and your physical health can both be priorities in your day to day. Here’s what you need to remember about your frugal fitness journey.

  • Start small, only get what you need as you need it
  • Shop second hand and use discount services whenever possible
  • Utilize free fitness resources whenever you can