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Price Watch: Supply Chain Shortages Are Affecting These Products

by Allison

As consumers, getting the products we need can seem as simple as filling your cart and checking out, but there is so much work that occurs beyond the supermarket shelf.

From the farms our foods are sourced from to the trucks that ship our products to the store, there are be multiple industries behind all of the products we use every day. When there is so much manpower behind everything on the shelves, it’s inevitable for things to go awry.

There are several factors contributing to today’s supply chain issues. The supply chain is still facing COVID-related effects, and continues to suffer through drought, staffing issues, and shortages due to the war in Ukraine. Short term shortages definitely aren’t unheard of, but the supply chain issues of 2022 might be long term.

Many of the effects of today’s supply chain issues, including climate change and war, do not have an expiration date. We could be dealing with these shortages for time to come. We can’t predict when these shortages will end, but we can analyze the causes and brace for the change in price.

It can be a tough reality check when the products you need are becoming more and more scarce on the shelves.  We don’t want you to be caught off guard, so we’re giving a run-down of some of the products facing supply chain issues today.

Here are some of the products supply chain issues are affecting:

  1. Aluminum
  2. Canned Goods
  3. Candy
  4. Eggs
  5. Tampons
  6. Champagne
  7. Chickpeas
  8. Christmas Trees
  9. Carbon Dioxide
  10. Chlorine

Our advice is to stock up now before prices get too high. The next time you’re at the store, get some of these products to add to your stockpile.

Here’s What to Buy Before Prices Surge

 Adjust your shopping lists, everyone. Now that you know what to buy, let’s get a run-down of why exactly prices are poised to surge.


 Global trade is especially fragile in 2022, and several events across the globe have created the perfect storm for the supply of aluminum. Prices have been on the rise for years, but the war in Ukraine is especially pertinent in the short supply today.

Canned Goods

When aluminum prices go up, everything with aluminum goes up as well. Canned goods have always been a fragile grocery staple, but we can’t count on canned prices remaining low forever.

If there’s something you got to stock up on before it’s too late, it’s all your canned goods.


It might be tough to find Halloween candy this year. Hershey CEO Michele Buck cited “capacity issues” as the main reason for being unable to fulfil consumer demands.


Eggs have been increasing in price for the past few months, and it’s likely that the trend will continue. We can blame rising production costs and bad weather for the short supply of eggs.


Feminine products will take a blow in the supply chain as we roll through 2022. This is mainly due to staffing issues at key feminine product factories and a serious lack of truckers across the US.


It might be difficult to pop some bubbly as we celebrate the 2022 holiday season. Extreme weather has affected the supply of the French grapes necessary to make a proper bottle of champagne.


 Sorry hummus lovers, chickpeas will be steadily rising in costs. The war in Ukraine has diminished chickpea exports from Ukraine and Russia, and harsh weather has impacted production of chickpeas grown in the US.

Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree shortage doesn’t have much to do with other events impacting the supply chain. Here’s the deal, it takes a long time to grow a Christmas tree. There just weren’t enough Christmas trees planted in the mid-2000’s.

Carbon Dioxide

You might be thinking- what does CO2 have to do with me?

Surprisingly enough, many of us ingest carbon dioxide every single day. All the little bubbles in your sodas, beers, and sparkling waters came from carbon dioxide. There have been several factors impacting the production of CO2 including, but we can mostly attribute the shortage to plants shutting down for maintenance.


Buy now to keep your pool clean by next spring. The lack of chlorine can be attributed to labor shortages and transportation struggles.

The Bottom Line

The truth is that there are tons of products affected by supply chain issues, but you shouldn’t fear for the future. Like all things, surged prices will pass. You can still get what you need and live frugally and stocking up on these products will get you started on the right foot.