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Top Ten Free Food Apps You Should Be Using

by Allison

One of the hardest parts of becoming an adult is realizing how much it costs to feed yourself.

Our grocery bills consume a significant amount of our budget. The USDA estimates that the average grocery bill for a single person is between $229 and $419 per month, and more mouths to feed ultimately means more money going straight to the grocery budget. Here’s the crazy part: that statistic only factors in the grocery bill. So, if you’re hoping to dine out every once in a while, that’s even more cash to tack onto the bill.

We can’t expect to eat every meal at home. In fact, Americans eat out 5.9 times a week on average, and that can cost a pretty penny. Even the cost of cheap drive through meals will add up fast. Inflation isn’t making this any easier, takeaway food prices have increased between 6.5 and 7.5 percent in 2022.

With all that being said, we need to take all the opportunities for free food that we can get. Lucky for us, there are tons of fast-food apps that give away free food to users.

The secret to guilt-free takeout is waiting for you in the app store. We found some of the most rewarding fast-food apps. Here’s your meal ticket, enjoy the free grub.

Panera Bread

 The MyPanera app offers exclusive deals every month of the year. Some months you can get a free bagel, other months it’s a free coffee. You’ll also get rewards as you continue to eat at Panera; rewards are personalized so you can redeem them on items you actually like.

They even offer an unlimited sip club, where members can have unlimited free coffee, teas, sodas, and charged lemonades at any time of day. Just walk in and help yourself.

Right now, you can get two months of the unlimited sip club for free. After your free trial, the sip club subscription is just $10.99 per month.


The McDonalds app is updated every day with new deals. You can get free fries, nuggets, and burgers for the low. You’ll earn points for every item you get. Save up 600 points to redeem them for a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Happy Meal, or Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit!

Immediately after downloading you’ll get a buy-one-get-one offer and access to discounted menu items.


 The Chick-fil-A app allows you to accumulate points with every purchase that can be exchanged for free fries. Every $1 you spend is worth 10 points, once you’ve reached 300 points you can turn them in for a free order of waffle fries.

The app also gives away freebies every once in a while, so keep your eyes peeled for exclusive coupons. It’s likely that you’ll find a free breakfast sandwich coupon soon.


We’re all well aware of the drastic coffee markup, but the steep price doesn’t make a Starbucks any less satisfying. Every Starbucks regular needs to be using their app.

Scan your app every time you order to earn stars that can be exchanged for free drinks. You’ll earn one star for every $1 spent. Your rewards will pay for customizations, food, drinks, and merch.

Burger King

 The BK app is all about coupons. You’ll get exclusive daily deals loaded straight onto the app.

You can expect to see BOGOs, freebies, and discounted items from all across the menu. They also offer a café subscription. For just $5 a month you can one free hot coffee every single day.

 Jamba Juice

Want an immediate discount? Jamba Juice’s app gives you 50 percent off your first order in the app, and 50 percent off of a food item with your second order. You’ll also earn one point for every $1 spent, those points will get you some discounts on your next purchases.

Krispy Kreme

This is for those with a major sweet tooth.

The Hot Light app gives you a free doughnut of your choice the first day you sign up. The app will also alert you when the hot light is on at your local Krispy Kreme, when the hot light is on. The doughnut chain famously gives away one free glazed doughnut to customers whenever they’re fresh off of the line.

Additionally, you will receive points for every purchase that can be redeemed for free menu items.

Krispy Kreme also gives away free doughnuts to students. Need some extra motivation for your studies? Customers can get a free glazed doughnut for every A they get on their report card.

The Bottom Line

Free food is easier to come by than you might have imagined, it just takes some extra attention to catch the deals at the right time. Here are some of the essential free food quick tips that you should remember the next time you are hankering for a fast- food fix.

  • Check every restaurant chain you frequent for an app- they probably have one
  • Check your apps every day updated on revolving deals
  • Don’t forget to scan your app every time you pay to claim you rewards