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Have Your Creativity Make You Cash

by Jake

You’re an artist and have a story to tell and your mission is to share your story with the world and others that can relate to your story. Sharing your story with others builds a community and connection for those who can relate to the obstacles and your following grows into something you can help make a difference for.

This makes for an excellent opportunity to build off your creative artistry and help others along for the ride.

Using your artistic creativity to allow you to progress forward in earning a living would be any artist’s dream, but starting off can seem a bit too much if you’re not familiar with the business operations behind selling your art.

We’ll share a few ways how you can turn your creativity into work that can be bought from future customers online.

Have a Plan & Start Slow

It’s not always easy to start an art business, but the hardest part of getting your art to make you money is basically getting started. Once you get the ball rolling, then that’s when the fun begins because you’ll want the ball to keep on going non-stop and you may do anything in your power to keep it rolling.

Creating a plan is always a great place to start when getting your artistry into work. Compile your portfolio together and have the artwork you’d like to sell online prepared to show your skillset of what you’re capable of doing.

Developing a strategy of how your business concept will also assist your marketing of using your art to get you paid online. There are multiple ways of selling your art whether it be through third-party platforms or even the physical art itself, which overall should be determined prior to investing all your time and money into your approach.

There’s no one-way road to figuring out the best strategy for selling your artistic expression but having an organized plan will provide structure on how you can get started.

Build Your Niche

When building your online art shop, you’re going to want to consider keeping in mind the type of art you’d like to sell. Of course, your artistic creations are an expression of you and what you’ve built your imagery around, however, there are multiple types of mediums that you can sell your art through.

Deciding on how you create your art can determine what type of approach you should take when you’re designing your business.

Maybe you create your art on canvases and use acrylic oils to paint, or maybe you recreate your perception of specific animations of your interest. Whether it be one or the other, keep in mind that you are not limited to the mediums you can use to sell your expressions.  There are plenty of options like stickers, t-shirts, and even your designs can be sold as a royalty of using your illustrations.

Use Different Platforms

It is necessary to reach the audience that your art can connect with, so reaching them on social media platforms would be a great place to start when selling your art online. Building a community that appreciates your art is a true connection of organic linkage to forwarding your art business.

Your marketing scale needs to reach your target audience in order to make your business a thriving concept and there’s a common misconception about creating a personal website for your business in order to get started.

While it could be beneficial to grow your business with a personal website, sometimes the price of creating your own website can be fairly expensive and time-consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating your own domain, then there are some third-party platforms that can help market your art for you. Sites like RedBubble, Sellfy, and Zazzle help artists sell their art through its platform, so you as the artist can continue creating your creative designs, while RedBubble or the other sites do the business operations for you and sells it to the audience.

Focusing on your next creative designs is what truly matters for an artist and sometimes using platforms that help cut to the chase on creating your business could make things easier in the long run when it comes to building your artistic business.