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How Being an Influencer Can Make You Money

by Jake

Nowadays, there’s a hike in searching for the next best role that helps pay off your bills and expenses as life throws them at you. But, as of approximately over 40 years ago, a job-seeker probably would have never thought that being an influencer would help pay off their accumulated debt.

If you find yourself being well-spoken, very social, and have a knack for providing value in the things you do and the reasons why you do them, then you could potentially find your path in making money off of just being you.

Who would’ve ever thought that you could make money by being yourself? The answer is plain and simple, those who’ve become Influencers. With their social activities and awareness of how their actions can affect the decisions of others, the leading role in becoming an Influencer has provided success in making money for those who do it so well.

Let’s take a deep dive into how you can be an Influencer who can start making money by representing your values.

Finding Your Niche

As easy as it may sound, the simplicity of becoming an Influencer who gets paid takes a large amount of dedication and consistent activity.

Say you have a remarkable passion for shoe aesthetics and an interest in why there is a hype around “trending” shoes. Your tendency to follow this hype urges you to engage in buying, wearing, and sharing your thoughts on how the shoes you’ve possessed built a following of others to learn more about what it’s done for you and if is it worth getting.

This following grows from a minuscule amount of about two handfuls to hundreds, and then hundreds into thousands. By then, you have such a large community of followers that you’re not even aware of how you got to where you are.

With this type of community that has been built from your active social sharing, it would benefit you to tightly knit down your niche and develop content that best specifies the ideas of how you got to where you are now.

Knowing your niche will give you an idea of the how, who, and what you should focus on to better benefit your odds of being paid as an Influencer marketing.

Media Platforms to Use

Be sure to capitalize on the types of social media platforms that are available to you to use. Each platform has its own purpose and specificity of how it can be used to your advantage as an influencer, so do take the time to how you can leverage each platform for its benefits.

Facebook and Instagram are intertwined, however, both platforms have differences in demographic usage when it comes to being on the platform. Research has shown that over 80% of high school students in the U.S. use Instagram while its userbase starts to decrease after the 18 – 29-year-old age group.

This type of information could be most useful when you’re targeting a specific community as an Influencer, that way you could make sure you’re reaching the right audience.

Aside from Facebook and Instagram, there are other platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, Discord, Pinterest, and more when you’re speaking to your community. Each platform has its benefit to users and being able to align your community with your brand comes with all the benefits while growing as an Influencer.

Use Your Resources Through All Mediums

Now that you’ve built your following, you can move more in a direction of strengthening your brand into a stronger perception by listening to what the community wants.

You can grow your brand by providing free information to the community that benefits not only you but them. As you’ve used social media to build your brand, investigate building your own website that leads your followers to a location where they can learn more about how you’ve become the person you are today and what they can do to follow.

As for your website, you can make specific links that track your audience into learning more about what they want to know, about you based on your content, and how you can benefit from that information by building off those insights.

By then, you could potentially build partnerships with companies that share your same values by doing a little bit of outreach and communication. This in turn can benefit you in using affiliate links for products or services that you value as an Influencer.

Be sure to always leverage social media, websites, video creations, etc. to strengthen your brand into becoming a well-versed Influencer that gets paid for being who they are.

Last Thoughts

The path to making money as an Influencer is not as easy, but if you can create value for others by sharing a little bit of your life and its influential use of the values you represent, then the benefits can pay off dividends.

Always remember to leverage your social media activity, speak to your community, listen to what they want, and provide the value they see in what you always share, then this can build long-lasting partnerships, relationships, and more.

Track your progress, share your failures and successes, and be your authentic self, but build, and you’ll be able to create more value and earn more money!