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What You Should Buy in the Month of September

by Allison

Sometimes saving money is all about spending money at the right time. September is an ideal month to make some big purchases. There are tons of saving opportunities out there as the sun sets on summertime. Labor Day sales make shopping in September even more of a no brainer.

We’re going to cover all of the best savings you can expect in September 2022. Think end of summer sales and big Labor Day purchases. Let’s dive into the ins and outs of what’s best to buy in September 2022 so you can maximize your savings.


Summer grilling season is coming to a close, so retailers are reducing prices to get grills off of their shelves. Significant price reductions can usually be found on Labor Day weekend, but sales can start to pop up at the beginning of September.

You can get portable Webbers for as little as $17, just in time for tailgate season!

Home Depot and Lowes traditionally offer steep discounts on grills by September, but you can even check places like Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods for deals on grills.

Patio Furniture

With fall approaching, people are going to be spending less time outside. It’s the same idea as the sales on grills, retailers want patio furniture off of their shelves.

Patio furniture can be pretty pricey, so this is the time to buy. Finding a wide variety of discounted patio furniture is pretty unheard of after the summer months.

Check out stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Target, and Walmart for patio furniture sales. There will even be sales online, so be sure to check Wayfair’s Labor Day sales where you can find furniture that’s up to 70 percent off.

Outdoor Gear

You’ll find significant savings from camping supplies to outdoor entertainment during end of summer sales. Think about the adventures you want to have next summer and let that guide your shopping experience.

Even better, if you have an outdoorsy loved one check them off of your holiday shopping list and buy their gift now. Find up to 50% camping and outdoor gear at REI’s Labor Day weekend sale.


If there’s one thing you can always expect from Labor Day sales, it’s deals on appliances. If you have been having issues with your washer, dryer, dishwasher, or stove now if the time to act.

New models for all appliances are presented to showrooms around this time of year, so retailers will reduce the price of older models to make room for the new.  Don’t let the idea of an older model fool you, these appliances are still top notch. They only real difference is the price.

Those in need of new appliances should not wait until Black Friday for savings. Labor Day weekend sales are the best way to save the most on appliances.

Electronics and iPhones

September being back to school sales and Labor Day sales, and this creates he perfect storm for electronics savings. Check out Best Buy’s deals on laptops and other essential electronics.

Additionally, Apple is notorious for releasing new iPhone models in September. Because of this there is potential for older iPhone models to drop in price. Be on the lookout for cheaper Apple products of you’re in need of a new device.

Back to School Supplies

Most students have already started school by September, so you’ll see steep discounts on school supplies. September is the best time of year to buy an academic planner, even though boutique stationary brands.

Keep a lookout for significantly discounted school supplies at Target and Walmart. Shop for designer academic planners that would usually be a splurge at sites like Papier and Erin Condren.

 Warm Weather Apparel

 It’s the last chance to get summer clothes, and you can do it for cheap. Shop for next summer’s swag at a significant discount. Pretty much anywhere you like to shop for clothes will be holding end of summer sales during this time, so shop to your heart’s content.

Save These Purchases for Later

Shopping feels like saving during September’s summer sales. It’s easy to pull the trigger on items you might not usually see on sale, but there are some things that will be on the shelves that you should definitely hold off on.

Halloween Decor 

The start of spooky season is so fun but resist the urge to shop now. The initial prices on seasonal decorations are pretty scary. It’s best to use what you already have or wait until October to see discounts on seasonal stuff.

Fall Apparel

Hold off of these purchases unless you’re in serious need. Fall apparel will be on sale by the time Black Friday rolls around. Don’ be afraid to browse, but don’t purchase until it’s on sale.

Soak up your summer savings this September, it is one of the best months to buy. Here are some essential rules of thumb to remember when shopping this September.

  • Take advantage of Labor Day Sales
  • Hold off of Fall seasonal purchases
  • Get your appliances and summer gear now.