14 Ways to Make Money From Your Home this Month

June 17, 2022 - Daily Stash Editor

Top 5 Offers

  • Slickdeals - A Desktop Extension that Helps Find the Best Discounts While Shopping Online
  • InboxDollars - Earn Money Watching Videos and Checking Email with InboxDollars
  • Product Review Jobs - Get Paid up to $500 a Month to Try Free Products
  • Permission Research - Get A $20 Gift Card Every Month By Making the Internet a Better Place
  • Swagbucks - Earn Gift Cards with Swagbucks

Have you ever spent hours watching YouTube videos online?  Scrolled through various websites for research purposes?  Played video games for hours on end?  Had dance party while streaming some of your favorite songs?
No judgment here.  We've all been there and done that. But… have you made money off these habits?  I bet that your answer is 'no.' My question to you is, "why not?"
If you spend your time browsing the web, streaming music, shopping online, watching videos, or playing games online, you are missing out on a great opportunity to earn cash and gift cards.
If you're not capitalizing on this opportunity to earn cash without changing anything about your routine, it's time to grab your smartphone and start downloading some of these money-making apps.  Here are some popular and completely legitimate apps that will pay you to do basic tasks.

1. A Desktop Extension that Helps Find the Best Discounts While Shopping Online

Slickdeals takes all of the legwork out of finding the best discounts and coupons for the brands you love to shop. Saving time and money has never been easier joining the fast-growing community has never been simpler.

By creating a community of shoppers and savers who are constantly looking for great deals, Slickdeals has connected like-minded people and made finding the best discounts beyond simple. Users can regularly save between 50 to 90 percent on popular items including televisions and tablets. Even better, the community that Slickdeals has created allows everyone to comment on the deals that are available, vote, share, and engage with one another to ensure that only the best savings opportunities are being presented.

Aside from finding the best deals, Slickdeals enables communities to combine points, credit card offers, and other coupons with the already generous discounts that are posted each day, allowing Slickdeals users to save more than with any other website. With millions of users and over two decades in operation, Slickdeals is the obvious choice for anyone looking to snag the hottest products at a fraction of the price.

 Join Slickdeals and Start Saving Now

2. Earn Money Watching Videos and Checking Email with InboxDollars

InboxDollars is the easiest way to earn money for your daily habits.  It's so simple that you'll wish you already had an account.  When you use this app, you can earn cash for doing everyday activities, like watching videos, reading emails, and shopping online.  Each time you do the activity, the app will pay you CASH that you can access through PayPal.  It really doesn't get much easier to make money than that.

Get Paid To Watch Videos with InboxDollars

3. Get Paid up to $500 a Month to Try Free Products

The perfect side hustle should be a high paying, low commitment, simple work from home opportunity. This sounds like a tall order, but it is now easier to attain than ever before. The perfect side hustle does exist, and it only takes a few clicks to get started.

You can become a product tester and potentially earn hundreds of dollars every month. That’s right, you can get paid to get free products sent to your door

Brands are seeking consumer opinions to make their products better, and they’re paying people like you to test their stuff. Product Review Jobs is the site that hooks you up with paid opportunities from brands to try and review products in the comfort of your own home.

Register with Product Review Jobs to start getting paid opportunities and free products today. The average payment per product review is $25, get started and find out how much can you earn.

Register Today to Get Your First Free Product

4. Get A $20 Gift Card Every Month By Making the Internet a Better Place

Free money and gifts every month for minimum effort. Really, you hardly have to lift a finger to get these continual rewards.

Permission Research makes the internet a better place by understanding the way people use The Web.  With over 2 million members, they are one of the largest internet research companies in the nation, and they treat its members well.

By participating in a market research study, you can be continually rewarded with cash and gift card rewards. Permission Research gives out huge cash prizes to its members, you even have the chance to win $100,000 every month that you’re a member. But you’ll get that first free gift card right away.

How to claim your rewards:

  1. Sign up and create your member profile (This won’t take too long- just answer a few questions)
  2. Download Permission Research
  3. Continue surfing the internet to get continual rewards

It’s really that easy, your monthly rewards will renew completely in the background. Just wait seven days to get your first $5.

Download Now to Claim Your First $5 Reward

5. Earn Gift Cards with Swagbucks

Did you know that browsing the web can actually earn you money when you use Swagbucks?  When you watch videos on YouTube, answer surveys, or shop online, you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash via PayPal.  Swagbucks reportedly gives out over 7,000 free gift cards each day, so use the app and get your hands on one… or two… or three today.

Watch Videos and Answer Surveys to earn Gift Cards

6. This Side Hustle Will Earn Up to $600 a Month!

Did you know focus groups can pay extremely well for the amount of time you actually put in?

Meet your new side hustle, Survey Club. Just “work” anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to give your opinion, and you could be making $20-$600! For a side income that won’t take up all of your free time, Survey Club is your best option.

Survey Club finds you the best paid research opportunities and all you have to do is sign up. Participate in quick online surveys or interesting panels and leave with extra cash in your pockets.

Answering simple questions like “What dish soap do you use?” and “What’s your favorite candy bar?” could be making you some decent money on the side.

No more scratching your head to figure out how to make ends meet at the end of the month. Take these simple surveys right now and get an Amazon gift card for all of your extra expenses. There are hundreds of surveys to choose from, so what are you waiting for?

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