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Financial Influencers You Should Be Following

by Allison

In the no- so-distant past, access to financial literacy wasn’t cheap. Think of it like a pre-digital paywall. Throughout history secrets of the rich were kept under lock and key to keep poor people in the dark. Now those days are over.

Welcome to the world of personal finance social media, it’s nice to have you. Now you can learn some of the best financial information for free. Enhancing your personal finance knowledge with a few swipes on your phone is the most underrated money move of the digital age. Getting access to the right information for you is all about finding the right influencer.  Lucky for you, there are tons, and we have found our favorites.

Here are the financial influencers you should be paying attention to.

Tori Dunlap of @herfirst100k 

Feminist personal finance expert, Tori Dunlap provides her followers brilliant tips for success in paying off debt, investing, and workplace achievement. Her First $100k uses a feminist lens to discuss money moves and financial equality, but her content is important to all genders. Find quick bites of information on Dunlap’s social media or follow the Financial Feminist Podcast for in depth talks with Dunlap and guests.

You can follow Dunlap on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Merilee of @easy_budget

Merilee has paid of $71k of debt in two years and she’s retiring early because of her expert budgeting. Who would pass up a budget coach who’s that good? You can find genius budgeting tips, and money saving inspiration on her accounts. If you’re ready to start easy budgeting, Merilee has a free Excel budget template to download in her bio.

You can follow @easy_buget Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Jeremy Schneider of @personalfinanceclub

Looking for daily finance and investing tips? Jeremy Schneider’s account is the place for you. This account breaks down the numbers; find charts and graphs from the economic data you need to see.

You can follow @personalfinanceclub on Instagram and TikTok.

Spending hours on social media doesn’t sound so bad anymore, does it? When you scroll, make it worth your while. The personal finance knowledge you need to know is right at your fingertips.  All you have to do is hit follow.