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Save Money by Cutting These Products You Can Live Without

by Allison

Being a consumer in today’s day and age can be overwhelming. There are countless products being marketed to us as essential, but are they really? Forget the clever marketing, there are products people purchase every day that are not all they’re chalked up to be.

In fact, many products that seem like must haves are completely useless and can even do more harm than good.  There are many products deemed as “must haves” that you do not need to buy.

What’s in your arsenal of products that you don’t need? Cut costs today by leaving these products behind.


  • Hyper specific products- Who needs a banana slicer anyway?
  • Prefilled spice collections- Opt to buy spices you actually need, when you need them.
  • Specialty appliances- While air fryers are convenient, they aren’t doing anything your oven can’t do.

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  • Fabric Softener- These can clog up your washing machine and make your clothes dirtier.
  • Dryer Sheets- These interfere with your dryer’s sensors, affecting dry time and ability.
  • Air Fresheners- Many air fresheners contain harmful toxins; that Hawaiian Breeze doesn’t smell so good anymore, does it?


  • Makeup wipes – Makeup wipes are expensive, wasteful, unrecyclable, and often harmful to your skin. Use a makeup remover instead.
  • Toner- Toner is marketing 101, a topical product simply cannot remove all impurities and balance your pH balance.
  • Exfoliating scrubs- These cause micro-tears in your skin, leaving more opportunity for bacteria to settle and produce acne.
  • Lip or eyelash primers- Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Your lip balm will do just fine. As for eyelashes, line them castor oil before bed.
  • Hair masks- Let’s face it, it’s just conditioner.
  • Face masks- Often times, face masks can facilitate a buildup of oil and sweat on your face which causes more harm than good.

Things to Remember

  • Don’t believe all marketing hype
  • Question products that don’t make a difference in your life
  • Reduce wherever you can