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5 Alternative Options to Save Money on Gas

by Jake

Gas prices continue to increase and it doesn’t seem like there’s an end in sight. According to AAA, national gas prices are on average, $4.325 to this day and rising compared to last year’s average at $2.859 just for regular gas alone. That’s just about $1.50 increase and concerns are rising because of prices rising.

Gasoline or petrol has been ruled almost a necessity given the livelihood of traveling through the car for just about everything. Try having to go to work without a car and be dependent on someone else to give you a ride just in time to make your shift, one might say, “it can be stressful.”

Going to the grocery store or maybe something simple as picking your kids up from school – if you have a car, a car needs gasoline to operate, therefore having to pay for gas.

Whether you may see them fitting or not, we’ve come up with some alternative solutions to giving your gas budget a little bit of a breather when it comes to filling up at the station.


1.    Electric Vehicles

If it’s in your budget, consider the purchase of electric vehicles on the market like the American-made Tesla models or Ford’s Mustang Mach-E where both vehicles are charged by electricity and you have no worries about purchasing gasoline.

Most electric vehicles on the market can travel from ranges of 150+ miles on a fully charged battery. No more worries about waiting in line at the pump!

2.    Hybrid Vehicles

If electric vehicles are too steep of a price to afford, a second alternative could be going for a hybrid vehicle that takes gasoline, but it also uses kinetic energy when on the road. This energetic power is stored in the vehicle’s battery that holds power for the electric motor.

At low speeds, gasoline is very inefficient, which is when the electric motor of the hybrid car kicks in and takes over the mobilization of the vehicle, thus saving gasoline used to power the gas engine.

3.    Motorcycle

As it may be more for isolated scenarios, a motorcycle can travel at high speeds similar to a vehicle on the road and it doesn’t take too much gas to fuel them. What’s even more convenient is that you won’t have to worry about sitting in traffic while on a motorcycle. That’s where a lot of gas can be depleted, just by idling in traffic and barely even moving.

Using a motorcycle can allow you to easily split between lanes (legal in certain states) which can help you arrive at your desired destination without worrying about too much gas usage.

4.    Carpooling

Whether it be through your vehicle or another person’s, carpooling could be an ideal option for traveling either to work or maybe a shared destination. You or the other passenger can come to an agreement to share transportation expenses when it comes to paying for gas at the pump whenever carpooling together.

This option can lessen the burden of you having to worry about how much you’re going to have to spend when it comes due to filling up your car’s tank.

5.    Walking

Of course, it’s not as ideal as using a motorized vehicle, but walking would possibly be another great option to depend on when traveling short distances. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to put on a pair of casual shoes and go for a stroll, while enjoying the scenery. It can save you loads of money on gas if the place you’re trying to get to is down the street or maybe a few blocks away.

Nothing beats good ol’ exercise when using your own two feet to get you from point A to point B on a trip.